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Anonymous +0 Points December 10, 2017

Hi Sh0ck

We appreciate it that you rly like our site

Best Regards

TheTeenBay Crew

Tiny +0 Points December 3, 2017

Hi sh0ck ! Thanks for your vids, do you have the name of the girl in "not-the-girl-next-door-this-girls-dick-crazy" please ? Great job thanks

Anonymous +0 Points December 1, 2017

Any info on the video ""Yes, I DID buttfuck our HOT new secretary..."

I remember they had a pornhub channel but i cant find them anymore

Anonymous +0 Points December 1, 2017

Any info on "Good luck, but you can't hide from dicks THIS big"? The girl, the guy, where/when it was filmed? I'd really appreciate it

kenankel +0 Points November 30, 2017

Hey sh0ck! I really love your videos!!! I was wondering if you have any info on the asian bbw who fucked guys from craigslist; I thought that video was amazing!

Anonymous +0 Points November 30, 2017

Como se llama la chica rica

Anonymous +0 Points November 19, 2017

Hey sh0ck, could u reupload "Why hide it? You're banging a PERFECT 10!"

Anonymous +0 Points November 13, 2017

Any info on the girl in "Quickie hookup with a banging Asian teen"? I would be able to ID if I even had a state/city, let alone a school or names or any other info. Think it's my partner but I want to be sure. Any help/info is appreciated.

teslarocz +0 Points November 8, 2017

wow! amazing posts sir!

Anonymous +0 Points November 2, 2017

NO BS: Just 20 Mins of Intense Amateur Sex

In the title picture left side or 10:57 in the video, do you have the full video?

I have been looking for that video!

Anonymous +0 Points October 30, 2017

sh0ck your are a saint for the beauty you've posted.

pornatx +0 Points September 12, 2017

This comment has been deleted


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